A Shared Vacation Brought Us Even Closer


My brother and I were trying to figure out something to do for our parents 40th anniversary. They have given all their lives to others, and we wanted to do something more than just having an intimate anniversary gathering at their favorite restaurant. When my brother joked that we should get a luxury villa rental for Tuscany, which is where they honeymooned, it was an idea that quickly grew from joking around to the two of us looking at rental properties there. We knew that they would enjoy spending time there alone, but we also knew that they would also love to have the two of us with our families there too.

We found the perfect villa to rent for ten days. We were originally going to go with just a six or seven day rental, but once we started looking at everything there is to do there in Tuscany, we knew that nothing less than ten days would do. There are only four bedrooms, and there are 12 of us. It worked out perfectly though because the six adults each had a bedroom, leaving one bedroom left to split between six kids.The fourth bedroom fit the two oldest girls, and the younger kids all had beds that pulled out from couches in the living room.

When we showed our parents what we were doing, my mom actually cried tears of joy. We knew she enjoyed Tuscany as evident by the memories she has shared with us as well as the photos she still has on her wall from their honeymoon, but we had no idea she had been longing for it. I can guarantee you that this will not be the last family trip we make like this because this has brought an already very close family even closer, which is exactly what we wanted.